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Company Retainer Law Office Philippines


Like having your own in-house counsel, our lawyers will be on-call to assist your company in legal matters related to its day-to-day operations. Our corporate retainer services include:

  • Consultations, advice and opinions on all fields of law affecting the operations of your business, such as general commercial law, business law, corporation law, real estate law, taxation law, and labor law;

  • Review or documentation of contracts and other similar agreements; preparation of simple opinions and rendition of legal advice and similar legal services which are required in the ordinary and regular course of your business;

  • Correspondence with third parties involving the corporation’s affairs, on matters which will affect the corporation's business, including sending out letters, notices or declarations to third parties, as may be requested by the corporation, such as formal letters of demand and termination notices to employees;

  • Corporate housekeeping and corporate secretarial work, including drafting of board, resolutions, secretary’s certificates, and other common corporate documents;

  • Review and drafting of employment policies;

  • Appointment as corporate secretary in a corporation;

  • Acting as hearing officers in administrative investigations;

  • Assistance in government compliance;

  • Assistance in all matters related to business law.

If you wish to know more about our firm's corporate retainer services, please contact us. 

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