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Atty. Olavere specializes in taxation law and in civil and criminal litigation. Atty. Olavere is a certified public accountant. He is a professor and board lecturer of various accounting subjects. Prior to studying law, Atty. Olavere practiced his profession as an accountant and handled the books and accounts of numerous companies and individuals. 

Being an expert in numbers, Atty. Olavere has successfully represented his clients in dealings with the BIR, and in cases before the Court of Tax Appeals. Aside from being a tax practitioner, Atty. Olavere is an experienced litigator, having handled various civil and criminal cases all over the country. 
Atty. Olavere is currently the corporate counsel of a multi-million pharmaceutical company.

Atty. Olavere is a golf fanatic and is also a member of Lex Leonum Fraternitas.

You may send Atty. Olavere an email at 

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